noun – of the human eye : meeting a standard of normal visual acuity

The optician told me I had twenty-twenty vision.

The saying “twenty-twenty” originates from the testing of vision by reading letters at a distance of 20 feet. Despite naming a clear and normal vision, 2020 is the pandemic year in which social distance separates all people from each other all over the world.

For designers, 2020 is the year that their customers insistently ask for spacing. Many brands used their logos by increasing the spacing between letters for the pandemic. The logo rules, which are set by the designers with sensitive eyes, have changed, all because of referring to the social distance rule. So, we have to say that 2020 broke all the rules.

It is important that every approach in design has a context. Visual and verbal language should match the values ​​of the brand.Unfortunately, many brands didn't care about social distance in society, as much as they did in their logotype.

The spacing of letters in Baht's logo has never changed. Instead of the social distance rules that everyone knows, we prepared a set of exercises called “take a break!”, for mental and physical health.

We hope 2021 will be in unity and wellness.


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