noun - a single unit of language that has meaning and can be spoken or written

Words are used every single day to express thoughts, feelings, impressions and many more. Since these outputs of humans’ ideational accumulation are limitless, relatedly, there are countless words out there.  Also in designers' sight, words gain brand-new meanings with reference to their utilization in design approach. 


noun - a particular group of people or things that share similar characteristics and form a smaller division of a larger set

- to write using a machine, either a computer keyboard or a typewriter

The word "type" refers "kind" and also "writing". This coincidence gives rise to our humorous approach on naming the dictionary.  To visualize letters and words, graphic design come up with a solution called Typography, which has the same stem with the word "type-".  Beyond any doubt, words mean a lot in a literary sense, yet their intention raises in visual value by dint of Typography.

any type of word
about us

Any type of word is an innovative design dictionary. It is created by designers who love both types and words equally. All words have further definitions related to design thinking and they lead designers to inspirational point of view in process of design projects.

In this dictionary, we try redefining words with reference to their meaning in design, to way of our design thinking. Moreover, further content suggestions are attached in every word, for interested audiences. You will find exemplary designers and their quotes, inspiring documentaries and books in end of the each redefinition. There are even some contact forms to tell us your way of thinking about argumentative redefinition.

As may you noticed, the visualization of each word is different and in a unique style. That is because a specific word refer a specific situation, feeling or idea and the cards are designed to express these situations, feelings and ideas.

If there is any type of word that might take your attention or get you inspired, it is among these word cards.


Also, please, give us a hint about redefining words in way of your thinking.



"Any Type of Word." was created by Baht. Design Studio.


project - Gonca Mutaf

art director - Sener Soysal

card designs & texts - Plently of Gonca Mutaf. A little bit Sener Soysal, Fatma Karslioglu.  (If you want too, contact us)

logo design - Sener Soysal