by - used to show the person or thing that does something

A painting by Van Gogh.


for - intended to be given to or used by someone or something

I’ve bought a few clothes for the new baby.


with - used to say that people or things are in a place together or are doing something together

Emma lives with her boyfriend.

"Engineers still tenant believe in logic. They often explain to me in great, logical detail, why their designs are good, powerful, and wonderful. 'Why are people having problems?' they wonder. 'You are being too logical,' I say. 'You are designing for people the way you would like them to be, not for the way they really are."

Don Norman, Design of Everyday Things

The prepositions; by, for, with are leader keywords of the design thinking process. A designer need to be aware of who he/she design for, what he/she design with and how he/she design by.

Let's check why it is so vital to consider all the elements in design process, especially the users. It is a well-known design phenomenon called Norman Doors (named after Donald Norman) that defines poorly designed doors and here is a quick experiment to get the idea behind Norman Doors. 

It's not you. Bad doors are everywhere.


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