noun - the feeling of being happy

“It was only later in life that she found happiness and peace of mind. formal Will you join me in wishing the bride and groom every happiness?”

Designer Stefan Sagmeister describes happiness as follows: "The best definition that I've seen discussed is one that divides happiness into short-term, medium-term and long-term happiness. Short term being something like a happy moment or a moment of bliss or possibly an orgasm, medium term would be something like satisfaction - laying on the couch and things are just right, the music is right, you read the paper… that sort of thing.And long-term would be something that's more associated with meaning - as in finding the stuff that you are good for in Life. And these three things have really nothing to do with each other. A moment of bliss is something totally different than satisfaction and is something totally different than finding meaning in your Life. " Sagmeister released "The Happy Film" in 2016. In this film Stefan tries meditation, cognitive therapy, and drugs (medical drugs) for happiness: "I'm doing them because there is some sort of a far-end goal that I would actually be happy afterwards. I started looking at the design world. from that point of view and ultimately did the talk on the design of happiness - exploring "Can design make a user or a viewer happier? And can we become happier as designers? "

The Happy Film - Official Trailer


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