noun - the act of changing something abstract (= existing as a thought or idea) into something real

the reification of fantasies

Although used in different ways, the meaning of the word reification in everyday language is to accept something abstract as something material. The term is however most often used as "thingifying" something abstract (like an idea, a work practice, a social relationship) or at least making a representation of it.

We are often deprived of a complete view of our surroundings and objects within it; therefore, human perception has to fill in the blanks to help us form a complete and meaningful mental representation of each and every visual scene. The perceptual ability to form complete representations from limited sensory information is referred to as reification, and represents one of the key principles that underpin Gestalt thinking. (Interaction Design Foundation)


Speaking of Gestalt, the images below seem familiar to you? Let's give it a try and see if you are a duck person or a rabbit person.


Wittgenstein’s duck-rabbit illusion | You can see either the duck or the rabbit but not both at the same time.

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